Brush 101
A synthetic fiber, flat shadow brush. Use it to apply our Shadow Magnet eye shadow primer and also to pack your eyeshadows onto the lid to give a perfect finish to your eye make up. A professional-length handle provides a comfortable fit in your hand. (Synthetic hair fiber)

Brush 102
A natural hair fiber pointed dome brush that creates the perfect blend of eye shadow into the crease; perfect to fit for any size crease. Soft natural hair fibers provide a gentle touch to eye area. When you twirl the brush, the edges automatically do all the blending work for you. Also perfect for buffing concealer around the eye area.

Brush 103
A flat angled brush that's perfect for turning anything into an eyeliner. Use this flat angled gem for your brow application or to give your lips the perfect shape.


Brush 104

Natural fibre, tapered blending brush for professional application and blending of all of our eye products. 


Brush 105 

Natural fibre, pencil shaped-brush for precise shading in the eye crease, on the lid and along the lash line. 


Brush 201

Natural fibre lip brush with tapered tip for application of our cream lip products. 


Brush 301

Duo fibre, round face brush for perfect application and blending of our face powders and foundations.


Brush 302
Dual fibre brush is perfect for the application of our Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation.
White fibers apply product while the black hair fibers blend it fabulously.

Brush 303
Pointed dome, natural fibre powder brush. Use it to apply our Invisible Blot Powder or give yourself an all over glow with our Mineral Bronzers. 


Brush 306

Natural fibre brush for application, blending and contouring using our Mineral Phototouch Concealer, Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation and Mineral Bronzer.